Thursday, October 30, 2008

Free Halloween Music

Free Halloween Music

The music includes:

Tales from the Crypt
The Munsters
Addams Family Haunted Mansion Beetlejuice
The Thing Phantasm 1 Phantasm 2
Outer Limits 1 Halloween Bewitched
Outer Limits 2 Amityville Horror Count Dracula
Phantom of the Opera Ghostbusters Exorcist
Dark Shadows X-Files Alfred Hitchcock
Jaws Star Trek (short) Twilight Zone
Darth Vader Pulp Fiction Poltergeist
Psycho Nightmare on Elm Street Heretic

Addams Family
Haunted Mansion sounds

Monster Mash Black Sabbath Frankenstein
Diary of a Madman Witchy Woman Thriller
Devil With a Blue Dress On Elvira Funeral March
Werewolves of London

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