Thursday, March 08, 2007

Getting the bugs out of your marriage: Perfectomania Non

Deficiency of goals in your marriage


- Lack of direction in daily activities...your marriage seems to be going nowhere
- An increasing restless feeling between you and your spouse
- You have not discusssed the future with your spouse in two months
- You experience an increasing desire to turn back the clock and have things as they were
- You sense a realization that you have not accomplished the goals you set when first married
- You and your spouse have not jointly set goals for you marriage


- You feel a sense of fear when you think about your children going out on their own and leaving you alone with your spouse.
- There is a feeling of failure and despondency between you and your spouse


- Together, set specific, attainable goals for your marriage
- Strive to have daily as well as long term, activities which will help you both achieve your goals
- Exercise consideration and mutual support

CAUTION: DO NOT OVER PLAN. this too can be hazardous to the health of your marriage.
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