Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Weekly Date Night

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In church a couple of weeks ago, the topic for discussion was "improving the relationship between husband and wife". There were a group of men, most of whom had grown kids and had been married for a long time. My sweetie and I have been married 17 years and I was one of the younger men in the crowd. It was a rare opportunity to learn from the voice of experience.

One common thought was the importance of planning, scheduling and having a date with your sweetheart on a regular, weekly basis. Some weak objections were raised about not having enough time. The response to this objection is it depends on your priorities. Our lives are so full and our time so occupied that it takes planning to make a regular date night happen.

Each of us has the same 60 minutes in an hour and 24 hours in a day. There is not time to do everything, but there is time to do the important stuff. Those men who seemed to have the longest, happiest marriages made continued courtship one of the important things in their life and thier marriage. Some of those precious minuites each week were dedicated to their most important relationship.

They also mentioned how important it was to actually schedule the time. For the really important tasks in life, we write them down, block out the calendar, and protect that time from other conflicts. Do the same with your date night.

Some ways to help ensure a date happens is to pre-pay for the event. Movies and plays allow you to buy tickets in advance. The same goes for sporting events. A gift certificate or a reservation at a fancy restaurant at the top floor of some hotel with a great view can also help in motivating a date. Another trick is to invite another couple to double date with you. Its fun and harder to back out on.

Invite your sweetie on a date today.

BTW: The other readers would love to hear some of the unique, inexpensive dates that you and your sweetie have enjoyed. Post them in the comments for all to get ideas. Remember this is a kid friendly site.
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