Friday, June 16, 2006

Date Idea: Outdoor Theater

Mountain Theater
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Summer is a great time of year for entertainment. One thing we really like doing is attending outdoor plays and concerts. If the weather is nice, it can make for a really nice, out of the box, date. If the weather is not so nice, it can be one of those thing you laugh about over the years.

We have attended several concerts and plays over the years including:
* A rock concert in the mountains
* The symphony playing as part of the 4th of July celebration
* Semi-professional plays presented in a mountain amphitheater
* Amateur plays in local parks
* Local bands playing in a plaza

Again this year there are lots of different events to choose from, with all sorts of price range. Many local events are free or inexpensive enough to bring the whole family. Others are more expensive and might be appropriate for a special occasion like an anniversary.

Some tips for attending outdoor events:
* Be prepared for changes in weather. The tempurature might start out hot and end fairly cool. A blanket, umbrella and jacket are always a good idea
* Bug repellent
* Some events allow lawn chairs, others do not. Find out in advance.
* Arrive early. Many outdoor events are first-come seating.
* Bring a deck of cards or other entertainment to pass the time while waiting for the event to begin

Step outside the box and enjoy some fine entertainment in the great outdoors. If you know of any inexpensive outdoor events that people might like to attend, add that information as a comment to this post.
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