Thursday, March 23, 2006

Welcome Home

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After 17 years of marriage, my sweetie has left me, for a few days. She is being a chaperone for the high school band trip. Its a weird feeling not having her here. I travel about once a year to training and whatnot, but she has never been the one to go and leave me home. Its more differenter than I thought it was going to be.

So I've been Mr. Mom for a few days. No big deal. I arranged to work from home and so I can be here for the little critter when they get home from school. We've being having fun.

The point of this posting is this: I want to prepare a little surprise for my sweetheart for when she returns. I have a few ideas, most of which have been posted previously. What I need now is your ideas. What are some romantic ways to welcome home that special sweetie when you've been apart for a few days? Email or post your comments.
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