Monday, March 20, 2006


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I saw this saying:

The best way to predict the future ... is to create it.

Vision. What do you want your marriage to look like? Take a few minutes and create in your mind the "ideal marriage". Include how you treat each other, expections, and indiviual development. Some areas things to include:
* What are my interests and how do I find time to explore them?
* What are the interests of my sweetheart and how do I support my sweetie deleoping those interests and talents?
* What make me happiest? What makes my sweeite happiest?
* How do my children behave?
* How do I express my love and appreciation to my sweetie?

Picture in your mind the ideal world. Now identify those things YOU CAN CHANGE to bring your marriage closer to your ideal. Start making the changes.

Do not try and change your spouse. Instead, make the proper changes in your behavior and your sweetie will natuarally make reciprocal changes to adjust.
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