Tuesday, October 12, 2004

How About a Foot Rub

Most everyone loves their feet rubbed. We stand on them, walk on
them, jump on them and otherwise abuse our feet all day long. So, its
no surprise that a little pampering of the feet goes a long way toward
making your sweetie feel pampered all over. Rubbing them with a nice
peppermint lotion just before bed seems to work well.

As a matter of fact, there's a method to the whole foot rub. There
are those who claim that like acupuncture, reflexology
contributes to the health of the whole body. In reflexology, each
area of the foot is mapped to some other area of the body. For
example if you have a head cold, then rubbing the "sinus" section of
the foot, the pads of the toes, is supposed to help. Does it really
work? Try it and find out. The worst that could happen is your
sweetie gets a nice foot rub out of the deal.
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